Magnetic Particle Testing

Magnetic Particle testing or inspection, is executed by introducing a magnetic field into a ferro-magnetic material or test subject. The surface of the test subject is then dusted with iron particles. These iron particles may be dry or suspended in a liquid. Surface imperfections, flaws or discontinuities allow the magnetic field to leak out of the test subject, distort or contort the magnetic field, and concentrate the iron particles near the imperfections, flaws or discontinuities. This indicates their presence and location. A qualified technician or engineer can then report these findings to the customer and make recommendations based on the findings.

We can provide you with Visible/Fluorescent and Wet/Dry, Magnetic Particle Testing. If you are unsure of the technique that you need just contact us and we can recommend the proper inspection to keep you up to code and keep your equipment working properly. We use ASNT certified individuals for all of our testing.

If you would like to inquire about our magnetic particle testing or to schedule services, please contact us appropriately from